COMPAC is committed with enviroment


2020: the year that a microscopic virus brought the world to a halt. Science points to clear anthropogenic reasons. In other words, humanity is responsible for ceaselessly using and abusing the resources of the planet. This crisis should be a final tipping point to re-orient our industry towards true sustainability.

And this is something I have always had in mind and believe to be one of the best values instilled into me. I grew up seeing how nature provided real marvels. I know, feel and respect nature and its materials. This is what brought me here to a company that is able to create them. Our Social Responsibility is based on this starting point—to create so as to let nature breathe with its own resources. But this is not enough.

Here at COMPAC we decided decades ago to change our ways to become a 100% eco-efficient business. Our commitment translates into many different activities. On the one hand, so as to thank the planet for its generosity and, on the other, to provide it with breathing space by manufacturing exceptional materials that are completely sustainable across all processes.

We have planted over 30,000 indigenous pine trees on the land around our plant in Abrantes (Portugal); set up selective waste collection at all our centres to promote recycling; installed a rain water collection system for industrial use; promoted the use of clean energy, and adapted our industry so that our electricity comes, in large part, from renewable sources. Along this journey we have committed both to sustainable manufacturing and to producing sustainable products, such as our Nature, Unique and Genesis collections, which best reflect our BIO project.

Nonetheless, our upcoming launch is set to be our greatest stride and source of pride yet. COMPAC has created a product of extreme technical quality and beauty that offers infinite uses and is completely recycled and recyclable. A 100% sustainable product throughout its life cycle that we will be officially presenting next week.

Here at COMPAC we are actively engaged with the paradigm shift and make social contributions to improve people’s lives. We look after and respect our planet, as well as supporting more local projects through programmes for children and social rehabilitation.

Dreaming is not enough for us here at COMPAC—we act so that things happen. This is our commitment.


Paco Sanchis