COMPAC presents Unique Calacatta™ in Finland

COMPAC travelled to the Finnish city of Seinäjoki to present its latest product launch at one of the leading trade events for the real estate business. The main attraction of this annual event, which is open all month long, is that it presents current and future trends in architecture in the shape of new homes built for actual use once the show is finished.

Architects, builders and interior designers from around the world meet at the Seinäjoki Housing Fair to see all the latest arrivals in a fast-moving trade. The crest of the wave in sustainable architecture and the use of materials inspired by nature are part and parcel of the buildings constructed for this year’s event.

This is why COMPAC’s unveiling of Unique Calacatta™ was widely applauded by professionals visiting the show, who valued the chance provided by this Spanish firm to see how COMPAC quartz surface coverings can be used to provide an impeccably natural look thanks to one of the most highly valued marble varieties of all time.

The northern European market is of course especially demanding as regards the quality of materials used in home construction. But the quality of COMPAC quartz stood up to this test perfectly, as it is a material that’s weatherproof, non-porous, resistant to bacterial growth, offering outstanding impact and flexural resistance. This is why in recent years the numbers of architects and designers using this product line-up in both large-scale public projects and private homes have increased by leaps and bounds.

Every Unique Calacatta™ reference is unique on the market, because just like in nature, each slab presents different nuances in design. The classical beauty of the powerful, sharply contrasting veins characteristic of marble on a snowy white background has now become the latest thing to have in home interiors.